My Favorite Teacher: Russell Langley

Submitted by: Daniel Eramian ’66

Russell Langley, always a snappy dresser.

My favorite teacher at English High was Mr. Russell Langley. He was my English literature teacher in my junior year, homeroom teacher when I was a senior and my faculty adviser for the yearbook.

Mr. Langley had superb command of the English language, knew his literature —especially Shakespeare, a tough marker and was a very natty dresser. But most important to me and to other students was that he taught us with the confidence that we all were going to college.

He set the bar high for us.
He entertained no less for us.

Daniel Eramian graduated from The English High School in 1966. Today he lives in Seattle, WA. Daniel is a member of the English High School 200th Anniversary Celebration Committee.




Daniel Eramian was editor of the 1966 Blue and Blue yearbook that contained this fitting tribute to Mr. Langley.

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