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Class News from the 1960’s

Class News updates are posted in the approximate order in which they are received with the newest updates at the top of the list.

Richard Siles ’63
Upon graduation, attended Boston University and even made their football team. Married a cheerleader and that lasted 13 years. Went to work in the drug industry leading to meeting my present wife, Karine, of 38 years, when they sent me to Sweden on joint research projects. Took early retirement at 55 and boredom lead to me becoming an exec for Lowe’s and retired again for real this time at 63. Fought boredom with golf and my interest in photography, and helped coach local high school football team here in Leesburg, Fl. Have lived in this great state for 31 years now and really enjoy it.

Richard Daly ’69
I’m retired from Verizon with 33yrs of service. I’ve been married for 34 yrs we have a house in Dorchester and a beach house in Marshfield.

Arturo Oliveira ’66
Hi, after graduation in 1966 I worked for Pontiac Village car company in the parts dept. In April of 1968 I was drafted into the US Army and served until April of 70. I then joined the Us Postal Service where I worked at the GMF Boston continuously until I retired in 2013. I then moved to Bangkok, Thailand where I had been visiting since April of 2000.

Maynard Gregory ’68
I am a retired Addiction Counselor living with my wife of 42 years Eleanor. My Daughter Linda is a married Social Worker living on Long Island. She has 2 young girls and her husband is an army Captain We are near Delaware beaches and are busy with volunteering. I would like to contact classmates.

Martin Sooper ’61
After living in California nearly 50 years practicing law, moved back east again to be with my siblings, two sisters living in Palm Beach County Florida. I made the transition easily but do miss my four grandchildren in California and Oregon. They’ll come visit when they can. They are 10, 7,5 and 2. All boys! I do miss them very much. I am grateful for the years at EHS which inspired me to go to become a lawyer.

Richard Sacks ’63
I am a success.

Dr. William Nelson ’62
After graduating Bill attended MIT, receiving a BS in Physics, then attended Princeton University, receiving an MS, and a Ph.D in Solid State Physics. At MIT he lettered in varsity crew, proudly beating Harvard’s heavyweight crew twice in his upper class years. After MIT he worked for a short time on the Apollo Space Program, developing radiation resistant memory for the Lunar Landing Module, but left to attend graduate school at Princeton University. After that he did Postdoctoral work at the University of Delaware’s Institute of Energy Conversion, and a two-year Fellowship at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus Ohio. He was then a Lecturer in the Physics Dept. at Lehigh University in PA, and then a Professor of Physics at the Rochester Institute of Technology in NY. With the birth of two sons and expenses increasing, he left the academic world for private industry, returning back to Boston, joining the Advanced Development Group of the Ring Laser Gyro Program at Raytheon, developing Inertial Measurement Units for space and terrestrial navigation. When Raytheon closed it’s optical research efforts years later, he moved to GTE Laboratories in Waltham, spending 20 years developing optical components (miniature lasers and detectors, as well as single mode optical fiber) which made the Telecom Revolution possible by switching our phone service from copper wire to optical fibers. During this time, belonging to the major scientific societies, he chaired conferences and workshops, served on program committees, and traveled the world giving invited technical talks at all the major Scientific Conferences on the details of the new technology making fiber optic communication possible. When Bell-Atlantic bought GTE, and ended research in optics, as well as changing it’s name to Verizon, he moved over to the CTIA’s Cellular Fraud Laboratory then contracted to GTE, working on Cryptographic Smart Cards, reverse engineering illegal cellular phone cloning equipment, and quantifying the effectiveness of cell phone Carrier Frequency Fingerprinting Systems in CA and TX for identifying fraudulent cellular phones. When Verizon closed down those programs, he moved to BBN Research in Cambridge, then owed by Verizon, as a Principal Investigator on DARPA programs for the Defense Department, performing experimental testing and verification of Internet Intrusion Detection Systems developed by Universities and Industry under DARPA contracts. In addition, returning to optics research, he was the Technical lead for DARPA’s project on Building the Quantum Internet to provide a provably secure Quantum Key Distribution system for provisioning highly secure cryptographic protocols on optical networks, and constructing a test-bed and laboratory at BBN for demonstrating same. When Verizon sold BBN, he retired, being 3 years past the company retirement age. Now in his seventies, he spends his mornings sculling 10 K every other day on a lake near his house in rural MA, where he belongs to a boat club on the lake, serves on the Board of the MIT Alumni Crew Association, and is a state Lake Commissioner. And spends his afternoons still organizing technical meetings and workshops for the local Boston chapters of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer’s Photonics Society and Communications Society, along with the New England Section of the Optical Society of America.

Mel Stein ’65
I got married to Nancy Lehman in 1968 and graduated from Mass College of Pharmacy in ’70. We moved to Rutland, Vt. and raised 4 daughters. I operated my own retail Pharmacy and eventually retired from Rite-Aid in 2015. We now live in Pompano Beach FL. We have 7 grandchildren and we hope to resume our hobby of cruising.

Alfred Puller ’65
Retired from Mass State Police in 2001, after nearly 27 years. Spent time as reserve on local agency, before working as PI and security subcontractor for NFL. In 2004 opened law office in Bristol County near RI. After 15 years Retired again and closed office.

Charles Flink ’63
Served in USAF 63-67 as com-intercept/analysis, Russian Lang. spec. Hard sighted in Misawa Japan. Went to U Mass Amherst from 67- 71. Earned BA. and MA in US history/Education. Teacher and administrator in Springfield MA Through 2002. Retired and moved to The Pittsburgh PA area my wife’s (Adrian) home town. Been an active Lions member and community gadfly since. Hoping to attend 200th celebration.

Michael Clark ’62
After a terrible first semester at U.Mass, Amherst (.4 gpa) and two more unremarkable semesters, I left home and headed west to Los Angeles, where I eventually graduated from UCLA with a B.A. I was then employed by the State of California–7 years with the Dept. of Rehabilitation (Counselor and Supervisor) and 22 years with Fair Employment and Housing (Consultant and Supervisor). After retiring from state service, I worked for another 13 years at UCLA in Human Recourses. Along with winning scores of local and national contests, I appeared in and won prizes on seven T.V. game shows including the New Price is Right (car and boat.). In my 35 years with AYSO, I was a coach, Referee, and currently I mentor new Referees. I was also a Little League Umpire for 30 years. I also taught piano for 25 years. I took up jogging in L.A. and ran in scores of 5Ks 10Ks, three half marathons, and to celebrate my 40th birthday, I returned to Boston, where I completed the Boston Marathon in just under 4 hours. I currently read to youngsters at the public library, have joined two book clubs, and play golf several times a month. I’ve been married 54 years and have two adult daughters. If you live in Southern California and would like to get together (after this darned epidemic is over email me at

William Weeks ’67
Recently retired to the community of Eastman located in Grantham, NH. Going to enjoy down time for the first time since I was 8 (always had some sort of job going on). My wife Susan retired last year and we are looking forward to a very active retirement. While I will not be doing any more boxing (Ringside National Masters Champion 2015) I will still find ways to keep fit. Looking forward to the 200th anniversary of the founding of English High.

Joe Gillen ’60
I am retired and my wife and I spend a few months in Naples Florida. I play golf at the Needham Golf Club. We have seven grandchildren that keep us pretty busy.

Al Deitch ’68
Attended the 50th year class reunion in 2018 at Lantana’s. It was great to see everyone. I have lived in North Carolina since 1968 after graduating from Northeastern U. I retired in 2010 after working for North Carolina state government for 31 years. When I retired I was director of the state government child advocacy agency. I have been married for 41 years and have two wonderful children and 2 grandchildren.

Richard C. Robinson ’67

Myron Greenberg ’60
After graduation, I attended Northeastern University, majoring in Political Science. Graduated A.B., 1965. I stayed at Northeastern to attend graduate school, and was awarded the M.A. in Political Science. The next chapter in my life was my marriage to Linda. As of Sept 2020, we have been happily married for 53 years!!! We have one son, Michael. Seeking a college teaching career, after Northeastern, I attended the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, where I was awarded the Master of Public and International Affairs (MPIA) degree. At that point, I attended the University of Cincinnati, with a Political Science major. I was awarded the Ph.D. in 1979. After working for a few years in the City of Cincinnati, I took a position with the U.S. Department of Defense, and spent 35 years there as a warranted Contracting Officer, retiring in 2018. While in the DoD, I was selected to attend the United States Naval War College in Newport, R.I. (via Correspondence). I have published a book and have had a number of book reviews published in the Naval War College Review. I am looking forward to hearing from my Classmates and other interested Alumni at my e-mail address above:

Stanley Hurwitz ’67
After graduation from U/Mass Boston, I taught English in the Boston Public Schools for two years. Then, I worked as Humor Editor and new product developer for Rust Craft Publishers in Dedham, at the time one of Hallmark’s top competitors. Maybe I wasn’t funny enough because they went out of business (10 years after I left.) My next position was in the Public Relations department of one of New England’s largest and most successful social planning and fundraising organizations, the Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) where, as Assistant PR Director. For 13 years, I managed a busy 6-person staff and developed marketing materials for annual campaigns that raised $25 million+, and promoted hundreds of events, often including noted celebrities. Starting in 1991, I launched my independent PR consulting practice, Stanley Hurwitz / Creative Communications, with clients of all sizes and types, many of whom I helped make rich and famous. I’m still working, now from my new World Headquarters in Plymouth, MA. (See me LinkedIn page: ) My still perfect wife of 46 years, Beth, convinced me a year ago that there’s less stress when you can see the ocean from your windows. She was right (but don’t tell her I said so!) If you or anyone you know needs great PR/Marketing, or just want to say hello,: . Oh, and we have 3 excellent offspring!

Francis Landry ’69
After graduation from English High, I went on to earn my baccalaureate degree from U. Mass Boston and was one of the first to graduate from the Columbia Point Campus in 1974. After graduation, I pursued an interest in librarianship at Boston College, working in the Bapst Library, the Science Library in Devlin Hall, and the O’Neil Library for 12 years in multiple public service positions. In 1985, I received my professional degree in Library Science from the Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science (MSLS). About a year after receiving my professional degree with a specialization in hospital libraries, I was hired as an assisting librarian at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge for 2 and a half years, and during that time I married a clinical specialist nurse from another hospital, Joan Halpin RN+, who has been my wife for 34 years. I later accepted an opportunity to be a solo specialist librarian at Waltham-Weston Hospital for 5 years, followed by the management of the Heywood Hospital Medical Library in Gardner, Ma, for another 5 years with additional responsibilities as a coordinator of medical education and notary public for physicians and clinical specialists. Desiring to get closer to Boston, I accepted responsibility for two hospital libraries for 16 years in Leominster, and Fitchburg that are affiliated with U. Mass Medical Center within Leominster Hospital Clinical Services with coordination of their medical education programs that would be affiliated with the Massachusetts Medical Society for continuing medical education. Upon leaving library service for the past 7 years, I have been working part-time as a local Hospitality Coordinator for Chick-Fil-A, interviewing guests on the quality of our food and service, for suggestions on how we can improve in both areas of direct service to our guests.

Mike Thomas ’67
About once every 2 months a group of men calling themselves the ‘Dorchester/Roxbury Breakfast Group’ gather at Victoria’s Diner (South End) early on Saturday mornings for breakfast. It is quintessentially fellowship and has impressed me (been twice and will attend March 9th) as folks are just there to tell of life’s stories and support one another. It is a good way to start a weekend and have fun and eat. Anyone interest should contact Malcolm Alter (Malcolm Alter ) EHS’64. There are about 8-10 EHS alums there usually. Next meeting is Saturday, March 9th 830AM.

Ray Smith ’61
I enjoy listening and recording music of all flavors and periods. I enjoy listening and recording music of all flavors and periods. I once played a competitive game of tennis.  Now that I’ve slowed down considerably, I guess it is time to pick up golf clubs.  The growth of my Grand Children and sharing in their development pleases me to no end.  A note to young men and women: “When you do the things you have to do when you have to do them, the day will come when you can do the things you want to do when you want to do them.” – Zig Ziglar

Henry Russell ’61
Henry is a Principal Tunnel Engineer and Vice President of Mott MacDonald NASA, was recently awarded a Citation for 25 years of Membership in The Moles. The Moles is an organization of men and women engaged in Heavy Construction and particularly in Tunneling.  Founded in 1936 The Moles has been fraternal organization that fosters Integrity and fellowship among its members. The Membership is capped at 550 members with only 67 being Engineers. Henry was one of nine members honored this year.

Wayne Lucas ’68
Recently asked by the EHS Alumni Association Board to speak at this year’s EHS commencement graduation exercise in June of 2019. Ten years ago in August of 2009 he volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans for three weeks.

Daniel Eramian, ’66
Served as Chief Spokesman for the Attorney General and Director of Public Affairs at the Department of Justice, Washington DC 1989-1992. He served with then Solicitor General Ken Starr, Robert Mueller, then head of the criminal division and William Barr, then Deputy Attorney General. He became the first Vice president of Communications at the Biotechnology Industry Organization in 1993 in Washington D.C, a newly formed global trade group which represents over 1,200  life-science and  biotech companies. Since then he has served as Executive Vice President of Communications and Investors Relations for three biotech companies. He is now in private practice.

“During my teenage years the faculty and my experiences at English High played a major role in encouraging me to achieve beyond my natural abilities. Just as important as classroom learning was meeting with fellow students of multiple races and backgrounds.”

Col. Walter S. Evans, USAF (RET) ’62
After English I went to Boston State and thereafter to the U.S Air Force. Got a commission and a pilot training slot which led to flying various airplanes pretty much for the 29 years I spent on active duty. Never returned to Boston to live. The AF kept us moving from one place to another and now live in southern Illinois near St. Louis. Spent a year in Vietnam in the beginning of my AF career and near the end in Saudi Arabia during Desert War I and finally in Somalia during the fun there, In the meantime I was lucky enough to see some of the great and worse places in the world. Flew all over Europe. Got a masters degree from the University or Utah. Worked after the AF for 16 years for a government contractor. Totally retired now and don’t miss working at all.

Richard Peters ’64
After retiring as Manager of Stations for Amtrak’s Northeast corridor I assisted as VP Logistics Management in the development of a new venture “the Ancient Bakers” baking re-Imagined. The company AB is a specialty baking company that exclusively uses ancient grains and medicinal plants once revered by our ancestors to create premium, delicious,& nutrient rich plant based bakery products. The line of cookies, cupcakes, muffins and donuts (donuts baked not fried) are free from highly refined ingredients, eggs, milk, dairy, trans fats and cholesterol; yet, rich in whole grains, essential fats and trace nutrients. These treats taste amazing if I should say so myself while supporting health, wellness and special dietary needs, visit our website . Life’s celebrations like English High reunions and holiday events are filled with memorable moments enhanced by festive bake goods. Now those who choose to eat healthier and those with special dietary needs can indulge in AB’s bake goods along with family, friends and colleagues as well. Also, in the spirit of good health once a month at Otis AFB we prepare healthy food for vets prep on Friday and serve meals Saturday and Sunday. This is part of AB’s catering service so when I say I’m retired no one believes me. In peace, Rich Peters Class of 64.​

William Paschal ’66
On Saturday April 13, 2019, I attended Stepfest 2019 at Northeastern University. This is the annual step competition between the different college Fraternities and Sororities. I was totally surprised to see our English High Steppers opening the program. Our steppers explained to the audience where stepping originated and demonstrated the original steps. The English High Steppers also did a excellent step routine. Alumni should be very proud of our English Steppers. William Paschal Class of 1966.

Michael Bello ’65
After an almost anonymous and quite mediocre high school career at EHS, I accidentally got into college and found my footing. I spent 42 years as a teacher, principal and administrator. The last 15 years of my work life, I was the President and Executive Director of The Learning Center for the Deaf, which operates 2 schools and is the largest agency serving the Deaf in New England. In retirement I am the Chairperson of an non governmental organization, ThriveGulu, which serves the people of Northern Uganda and refugees from South Sudan. I am blessed to have 3 wonderful grandchildren and a wonderful life spit between Randolph, MA and St. Augustine Fl and trips to East Africa.

Ronald Silverio ’69 
Retired and living the life.

Robert J. Snyder ’63
After graduating from Boston English High in 1963, attended Umass Amherst, graduating in 1967 with a BA in Chemistry. Next he went to St. John’s University in Queens, NY, graduating with a Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry in 1976. His schooling was interrupted for a three year stint in the US Army (1968 – 1971) including a one year tour in Vietnam (actually 11 months, 5 days and a half hour). Upon receiving his Ph. D., Dr. Snyder taught for 12 years at Sacred Heart University in Bridgeport, CT; six years of Customer Training at Perkin Elmer Corporation in Wilton, CT; and for 18 years, taught at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT. After a 36 year career, he retired June 1, 2012 as a Full Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Snyder would love to hear from other alumni at

Robert Murrin ’65
1965-6 Univ. of Wyoming, 1966-70; US Navy: 1970-72 Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA; 1973-4 H.E. Harris Co., Boston, MA Largest stamp company in the world as an appraiser; 1975-7 Store Manager Suburban Stamp Inc., St. Petersburg, FL; 1978-Present Owner Stamp and Coin shop, St. Petersburg, FL (1978-86 store, 1986-Present mail and Internet dealer). Dealer in all things philatelic and numismatic.

David Scannell ’69
Having completed 44 years of teaching high school English, then serving as librarian, first in Boston, then in Berlin, CT, headed to Florida. After our first month here, it seems an excellent move. I had the opportunity to tour E.H.S. last fall, and was encouraged to see positive efforts at improvement. The administration is focusing on the students who are actually there, and looking to make the school a realistic and helpful place. But…it’s a far cry from the city-wide high school it once was. Looking forward to reading on these emails about my former classmates and their current activities.

Leonard Turesky ’66
Leonard grew up in Mattapan and graduated with a BA from the University of Massachusetts.  Now a resident of South Florida for more than 39 years, Leonard has had a long and distinguished business career in finance and insurance.  He currently is President/CEO of American Benefit-A Financial Services, formerly doing business as Van Ameringen’s Insurance and Financial Services in Boca Raton. Leonard has also played a key role in community organizations including Chair, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Board for the 15th Judicial Circuit, and Chair, Together Against Gangs, Inc, (TAG). TAG was a non-profit corporation formed by the community in response to gang and juvenile activity in Palm Beach County. He was also appointed to the Florida Juvenile Justice Foundation by the Secretary of the State’s Department of Juvenile Justice.

Leonard has received numerous awards for his service to the community including The Governor’s Community Investment Award; named Outstanding Citizen by the Boca Raton Roundtable and was also named “A Pioneer of the New Century,” by The Palm Beach Herald. Leonard also served his country as a Medical Services Corps Officer, in the US Army National Guard. He has been married to Barbara Turesky for 43 years and has a son Derek, a licensed psychologist and a daughter Lindsey, a Business Development Manager.

Lew Shuman ’66
Lew is a native of Boston, Massachusetts and is a 1966 graduate of The English High School and the University of Massachusetts. Lew is now retired and was the Director of Broadcasting for the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans. His 50-year broadcast career was spent primarily in sports production. Shuman was the recipient of four Regional Sports Emmys for NBA Basketball and Football Production. Shuman has stints under his belt working with The Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers and the Charlotte/New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans. He started his broadcast career as a technician and a producer/director for WLVI-TV Channel 56 in Boston. Shuman is also a U. S. Army veteran who served with the ARMISH/MAAG as a Military Advisor in support of the Army of the Shah of Iran. His career in broadcasting has extended over six decades and over 1,800 professional basketball games as a producer, director, and administrator. In addition, Lew is the author of three books: Hoop Junkie, 15 Days of Hell, and Hoop Die Jour. He is currently working for Fox Sports New Orleans and the NBA.  Lew is also a volunteer/docent at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.  Lew and his wife Sharyn currently reside in Slidell, Louisiana.

Martin Kawadler ’64
I graduated in the class of 1964.  I worked initially as a teacher, then a financial advisor for 35 years, and now I am an artist. 100% of all proceeds are donated to various charities. My work is based on photographs and a couple of recent drawings follow.​

Gary Little ’63
Living the dream life in Palm Harbor Florida. Golf, tennis, sailing, gardening, etc,etc. at my HOA of Highland Lakes. Hope all are enjoying their retirement.

George O’Malley ’67
I will be running my 10th Boston Marathon on April 20th as part of the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge team. My newest teammate is my son, City Councilor and 12 time Boston Marathon veteran, Matt O’Malley (BLS class of ‘97). The English/Latin rivalry continues, but Dana Farber wins.

Howard J. Schwartz ’62
Following graduation I attended Northeastern University and graduated in 1967 (co-op program was fantastic experience). Went into the financial-service oriented computer business in the late 60’s and I moved to NYC in 1970 and went directly into the financial services industry – Wall Street. A big step for a kid from Dorchester/Mattapan. In 1972 I joined Lynch, Jones and Ryan, member NYSE, and became deeply involved in computer based investment research for institutional investors. Citicorp acquired our firm in 1986 and, in 1991, I led a group of senior employees in a management buyout and became the Chairman & CEO of the new firm. Had a very successful run growing my business from $15 to $150 million [and fun run] culminating in 2000 when I sold the firm to a Reuter’s subsidiary, Instinet. I retired in 2002 after a 35 year career in an industry and people that I loved.. During my tenure, I had the opportunity to serve on many industry boards and committees as well boards of private and public companies as well as several charities. My career was everything that I hoped it would be, but never what I imagined it would be! On a personal note, I am still happily married and living with my wife Gloria in NYC. Since I retired we spend all our time together and enjoy every minute if it. We also love spending time with our son and his family; especially our 2 grandsons (in 2020 17 and 15). I’m still very active, work out several times per week, but had to give up [but not miss] golf. Spend our time partaking of NYC’s diversified cultural scene and weekends/summers in Greenwich, CT. Best of both worlds. English High School provided a good basic education and I remember most of my time there fondly (except for Mr. Murphy in geometry). Rowing crew on the Charles was an education in-and-of itself as was commuting via the T. After 50 years in NYC Boston seems a far way off. I still have family there and, when I visit, the City is hardly recognizable, but in my heart I’m still a Bostonian.

David S. Newburg, ’66
who was born in Dorchester and grew up in West Roxbury, has had and is having a long and very distinguished career as scientist and educator. He discovered molecules from human milk that control bacteria in the infant intestine, protecting against many childhood diseases. Right now he is supervising research in his new lab in Cincinnati, Ohio. David is doing research on the Covid-19 virus. This research may lead to a vaccine adjuvant for Covid-19 vaccines. Adjuvants are used as a type of “booster” to vaccines especially for people with weakened immune systems. David received his BS in Chemistry from UMass in Amherst, and his PhD in Biochemistry from Boston University. Since then his career has spanned decades of medical and nutritional science research and lecturing. He has held professorships at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, The Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center for Mental Retardation, Boston College, UMass Medical School, University  of Kentucky, and University of Cincinnati Medical School. He has served on numerous National Institutes of Health (NIH) committees. David has more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles. At English he was  captain of the math team, lettered in crew, won the EHS Lawrence Prize in health and was a 1965 EHS Delegate to Boys State Week.

Walt Evans ’62
After English I went to Boston State and thereafter to the U.S Air Force. Got a commission and a pilot training slot which led to flying various airplanes pretty much for the 29 years I spent on active duty. Never returned to Boston to live. The AF kept us moving from one place to another and now live in southern Illinois near St. Louis. Spent a year in Vietnam in the beginning of my AF career and near the end in Saudi Arabia during Desert War I and finally in Somalia during the fun there, In the meantime I was lucky enough to see some of the great and worse places in the world. Flew all over Europe. Got a masters degree from the University or Utah. Worked after the AF for 16 years for a government contractor. Totally retired now and don’t miss working at all.

Class News updates are written by the alumnus and are posted in the approximate order in which they are received with the newest updates at the top of the list.