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Class News from the 1950’s

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New: William Delaney ’53
After 68 years, I’ve finally decided that it is time to (mostly) retire from my practice as a tax preparer and accountant and slow down a bit. It’s been a long and event filled journey, from chief accountant and treasurer in private industry, obtaining my federal licenses as an Enrolled Agent, to principal in an accounting and tax practice, to sole proprietor doing my own thing. It was almost ten years after graduating from EHS that I could afford to start college. My father had died in 1949 and finances during high school were very, very tough, especially when I was in the army overseas. Eventually, however, I was able to earn two degrees – BS in Accounting from Northeastern; MS in Taxation from Bentley. Both were essential if I were to succeed in life. Haven’t had much, if any, contact with EHS. This effort to reach out is appreciated. I hope there are one or two who remember Bill Delaney from the early 1950s.

Edward Lurie ’59
Served 4 years in USAF 1961-1965 in BerlinGermany then for 1 year on St Lawrence Island, Alaska. Prior to Berlin spent 1 year at Syracuse University NY in intensive Russian language course. Great experiences both tours now still married from 1965 to Karen White Lurie, 4 children, 6 grandchildren, 2 great grandkids. And still alive and kicking.

Bob Vincent ’56
Grew up in East Boston and New London, CT, worked as a copyboy-reporter for the old Boston Record-American, Sunday Advertiser during high school and college, married Fedela DiCorato, also from Eastie, while at Suffolk Univ, graduating ’60 (BS) in psych and journalism, TCU ’67 (Ph.D.) in psychophysics. Served as NASA research fellow, Guggenheim Center for Aerospace Health and Safety, Harvard School of Public Health (’61 – ’62 ) and TCU as senior research fellow, NASA’s Project Apollo. Served 30 years as an intelligence officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, detailed to Intelligence Community Staff, office of Director, CIA, SecDef and USAF special projects, as required. Moved to Rye, NH upon retirement in ’99, and to Brooksby Village, Peabody, MA in ’11.

Joseph Wardell ’57
Went into the Army, right after graduation. Worked in the trades in MA until 1970 then moved to Southern California and began working in shipbuilding. Then I began working overseas, south Asia, Indonesia, Japan and Saudi Arabia on construction projects and setting up training for local population. Came back to L.A. California area to return to shipbuilding and taught adult education for L.A school district. Many wonderful memories especially in other countries working and living with the local population. Retired in 2003, moved to Washington state in 2010 and enjoying travel, hiking, kayaking, music!

Ken Opin ’59
I graduated from Boston University in 1964 and then spent two years in the Peace Corps teaching English in Iran. I came back to Boston and had a variety of jobs. I worked for the Charles Playhouse, Sack Theaters, Avco Embassy Pictures, and Boston After Dark, all before 1972. In 1972 I spent most of the year working on John Kerry’s Congressional campaign staff, shifting my work life from entertainment to politics and government. After the Kerry campaign, I was head of public relations at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center in Belmont, followed by some time being unemployed. In 1976 I worked on Mo Udall’s Presidential campaign, first in Massachusetts and then in Wisconsin. From 1976 to 1981 I was a political organizer for the State Medical Society of Wisconsin, followed by 20 years as the lobbyist for the Wisconsin Federation of Teachers AFL-CIO. I retired in 2001. I was also active in Democratic Party politics and as a local government volunteer. I served eight years on the Democratic National Committee and attended five National Conventions. My volunteer activities included five years as the Chair of the City of Madison Plan Commission. I led a referendum drive to build a convention center in Madison from a Frank Lloyd Wright design. I also helped found a local nature conservancy that thrives to this day. I am currently the Chair of the Dane County Redistricting Commission. After retirement I took up art, and became an etcher. I live in a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin with my wife, stepdaughter, and two grandchildren.

Walter McGin ’55
Retired Major Army Nat’l Guard. Shipwright 1st class Boston Naval shipyard. 27 years in Information Systems With Bell Systems

Thomas Kilroy ’51
After spending 4 years in the Navy Tom went to State Teacher’s College in Boston. Graduating in 1960 he was recruited by the San Diego Unified School District. Taught for 40 years (MA in ED.). Involved in Theater & Track. Ran The BOSTON in 2005.

Joel Weinstein ’56
I am now happily retired in Carmel, California, where I have lived for 31 years. After graduation I earned degrees at MIT, Northeastern, and Stanford. We settled in Carmel after a career in high tech engineering, manufacturing, and consulting. I am now Chair of the Ventana Chapter of the Sierra Club, and President of the Sea Otter Baseball League. I devote significant time to senior baseball, and have been elected to Men’s Senior Baseball World Series Hall of Fame and Roy Hobbs Baseball Hall of Fame. We are currently planning on winning 2021 MSBL World Series championship 73 division and Roy Hobbs World Series 75 division as defending champions. Our team is led by Bill “Spaceman” Lee of the Red Sox.

Charles Gilmor ’59
Retired Jan 31, 2005 following 40+ years of operating, maintaining and evlauating performance of nuclear submarines and shore side power plants on four continents. It was a great way to see the world. Married the girl I met in 1957, thanks to an English classmate, John Grindal, also ’59. After 57+ years she still puts up with me. Our three children and 5 grands, are spread across the USA, Oregon, Michigan, and Georgia.

Gerard ” Jerry” Devlin ’51
Gerard is a retired MD District Court Judge. He has taken senior judge status which means he still sits part-time. He is a former MD State Legislator who served 12 years in the MD House of Delegates representing Prince George’s County. Prior to that Jerry was a congressional aide on Capitol Hill. He is past State Commander of the Disabled American Veterans and past State Commandant of Marine Corps League. He is a USMC veteran.

Joseph Veneto ’59
Joseph is a National Honor Society graduate, where he won athletic letters in cross country track and was commissioned as a Company Commander in the Regiments. He went on to attend the University of Mass. and Northeastern Univ. where he was a proud officer in Company A of the Pershing Rifles, the national military fraternity, and from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. His professional career spanned forty years as a field manager in the structural steel and pre-cast concrete construction industry and as VP and New England regional manager of Loss Control for Commercial Union Ins. Co.; a global commercial carrier. He was a professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers; a Certified Hazard Control Manager, and held joint membership from the Boards of Certified Safety Professionals and Industrial Hygienists. In his retirement Joe resides happily with Janet, his wife of fifty-five years, at their homes in Hingham and East Orleans, MA.

Paul Coran ’59
Have had a 50 year career as an employment lawyer with the Federal Government. Spent most of that time with U.S. Dept. of State from which I saw the world. Currently serving part time as an administrative law judge with the U.S. Congress adjudicating employment disputes involving Congressional employees. Left Boston in 1968.

Herbert Golub, PhD ’58
Herbert and his wife, Carol Golub, Ph.D. retired after 50 years as psychologists to Martha’s Vineyard, spending Winters in Santa Barbara, California.

Dr. John Christoforo ’56
I turned 81 in October, and have just retired as a college professor at two local college. A few years ago I was awarded Man of the Year recognition at the annual EHS get together, and last year, I wrote a book entitled “True Short Stories, Ruminations of a 56 Graduate Who Got Away with just about Everything.” It is a compilation of 18 short stories about growing up in East Boston in the 1950s and attending English High. I have a column in Boston’s weekly published Italian American newspaper, The Post Gazette. My column entitled “Nanna and Babbononno can be read on line each week. The stories are about being 3rd generation Italian American in Boston and attending English back in the 1950s. Following my days at English, I received a bachelors from Boston State College (now U. Mass Boston), a masters from Boston State, a CAGS from Harvard University, a doctorate from B,U., and have done post doctoral research at MIT. Following my first degree, I taught in the Boston Public Schools for the next 43 years, retiring in 2003. Beyond surviving my days teaching at Hyde Park H. S., Boston Tech, the Barron Center and the McCormack Middle School, I spent the next 16 years as a college professor. Above and beyond the above aspects of academia, I worked nights as a professional musician under the name of Johnny Christy, playing everything from symphony to soul, and did a bit of acting to boot. As I mentioned, I am now 81, and don’t know what I want to do next. Thanks, John Christoforo, Class of 56.

Paul Coran ’59
Semi-retired after a 46 year career as an attorney with Uncle Sam. Following service with the National Labor Relations Board and Department of Labor served 28 years with the U.S. State Department as its Employment Law Counsel. Since then appointed at Chair of GAO’s Personnel Appeals Board; and presently an administrative law judge with the Office of Congressional Workers Rights. Married for 50+ plus years with two adult sons who are also lawyers. Have traveled the world and sometimes imitated Forrest Gump by being a fly on the wall at incredible times and events. Think often of Masters Kenney, Gillis, Gizzi, Sheridan, Bowler, Mosher, Sullivan, Captain Fisher, Arleigh Latham (band) and Coach Stewart. Still remember Headmaster Malone assigning Mr. Sheridan to a painting job because of his height. Miss the School Boy Parade. Patsy Luongo, where are you?

Bernie McFadd ’58
After graduation in 1958, I attended and graduated from Norwich University and then right in to the army in Germany for 2 years as a lieutenant….then a career as a high school guidance counselor in Dedham for many years…a few years ago I attended an alumni gathering and later our 60th Reunion which was a lot of fun…hope we can do it again soon….UPDATE:  My wife, Susan, and I are taking a trip  to Hawaii soon, a destination we enjoy, as Susan was a Peace Corps Volunteer some time ago and became familiar with Hawaii.  The PC did its training in that location.  We enjoy traveling and have been to Europe  on more than one occasion.  But the US has much to offer  as we are fortunate to live in such a glorious country.​

Murray Watt ’55
After graduating from Boston English, I went to Northeastern University and graduated in 1961 with a major in Social Studies.  Upon graduating from NU, I went into the US Army where I remained for 22 years, retiring in April 1983. Some of my tours were very interesting. My years in Panama where we were involved in the riots. I later went to Vietnam with the Americal Division. My family and I spent 2 tours in the Washington, DC area. I returned for a second tour in Vietnam in 1971-1972 where I was assigned to Team 90, as an Intelligence Officer, with the Advisory Team assigned to Tay Ninh Province. Returning to the U.S. I was assigned to the Airborne Command Post for 3 years. In 1995 I rotated back to Conus where I was assigned to Ft Meade where I was in command of a detachment of the U.S. special Security Command. This position later grew to become U.S. Special Security Command, Inscom. Then I was assigned to the Humint department of the U.S. Army Command, Intelligence and Security Command. Then one day, the Director of the Humint Department called me in and stated that the ACIS had requested me to form up a command to study paranormal behavior and to see if we could use this field to gather usable intelligence. I stayed with this command for 3 years and then transferred to the position of Deputy Commander of the U.S. Army Special Security Command. I was sitting in that position when private industry (General Electric) sought me out to take over one of their facilities in the Washington area. I did so and spent a little over a year with them before transferring to Lockheed Missiles and Space Company as their security officer for their facility in Airport Square, MD. I remained with Lockheed for 14 years and traveled to the West Coast to take up the position of Manager for all of Lockheeds facilities dealing with NSA. After retiring from Lockheed, my wife Judy and I moved to Gettysburg, PA., where we have resided ever since. During my stay in Gettysburg, I have been very active in community affairs and coaching at one of their local high schools. I coached track and field and cross country at Delone Catholic High School for almost 14 years. My hobbies include bridge, poker, golf, and bowling. I stay very busy with the various activities and also am active in the Gettysburg Exchange Club and the American Legion Post 202.