My Favorite Teacher: Bruce Berman

Submitted by: Curtiss Carter ’83

Bruce Berman


“Mr. Bermen” took a class clown like me and taught me things I never imagined I would use in “real life.”

He took a bunch of us on an overnight camping trip — something a 15-year-old from Mattapan had never done — and although it was supposed to have been a “learning” trip, we had so much fun learning!”

Additional tributes to Mr. Berman from EHS alumni on Facebook:

Bruce Berman was kind of a Hippie type cat and taught Biology and I was scared of the class so I cut his class everyday. He caught me and sat down and spoke to me and asked why did cut his class everyday and I told I was scared and didn’t understand what Biology was about. He said how come you didn’t come to me earlier. He set me up with a tutor — I’ve forgotten the tutor’s name she was from BU and African American — and that turn my life around and others Coaches Don Burgess, Don Speaks, Sid Yeldell and can’t forget Mary Fahey grateful for all of them.
— From Ernest Gist ’83, English High in the 70’s FB Page

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