EHSA Offers Advice and Networking to English Alumni Entrepreneurs

Recently, EHSA held a virtual business webinar and networking opportunity. The EHSA board is utilizing the very valuable resources of the board members and graduate body.

The webinar created a powerful connection amongst fellow graduates who are starting new businesses. EHSA board members who have years of successful experience creating and running businesses were on hand to provide guidance, advice and in more than one instance, valuable business connections.

Many EHS graduates have established businesses and the connection between the two is an amazing opportunity to network. We look forward to future webinars and networking opportunities. EHSA is opening the door to all business owner graduates who are interested in offering or are in need of financial advice.

This effort was initiated and is being lead by Carmen Cohen ’94. Carmen is a member of the EHSA Board of Directors and an educator in Cambridge. According to Carmen,

“My experience at English inspired me to become an educator. In addition EHS has given me life-long friendships.”

EHS alumni who are interested in participating in the program, either as mentors or as businesspeople seeking advice, should contact: Carmen Cohen at