April 2021: EHSA President’s Message

Whether you are on the front lines as an essential worker or an average citizen just trying to get by, you need to get vaccinated! This is good medical practice preventing severe sickness and hospitalization. You are protecting your family, loved ones and colleagues from harm. Our Board of Directors have all either received their shots or are planning on getting them. We are all healthy and doing well.

Speaking of doing well, we congratulate Mayor Walsh on his new career path to Washington. We hope he shines as bright a light on our national labor issues as he has on Boston’s. He is a big supporter of education and the renaissance of English High School. Witness his location choice of English High gymnasium for the Governor’s signing of the $1.3B Education Bill a year or so ago.

In upcoming EHSA newsletters, we will highlight some of those recent student successes: Naby Diallo ’18— currently on a full scholarship to Northeastern, Nedgyn Laloi ’20–Mavridis Scholarship recipient, whose freshman year at UMass Boston is loaded with Biology and labs in anticipation of becoming a Nurse Practitioner or Ainsley Pena ’20–whose scholarship to Curry College was captured in Boston Globe showing her acceptance letter delivery via drone. Thomas Thermidor ’21, a current student leader, has been accepted to all colleges he’s applied to and is leaning towards Babson College for its business and engineering strengths. His encouraging tutoring center story appeared in Boston Herald three weeks ago.

Finally, our push toward our 200th Anniversary Virtual event this Fall is on! We need your support now to make this and next year’s live gala as exciting as possible. Our $3-Million-Dollar multi-year goal is kicking off this Spring for all who want to donate and help our cause. Please visit our website page (www.englishhighalumni.org) to see how you can help. Your classmates most likely have already given.

Onward to COVID and fundraising victories

Best regards,

Mike Thomas, ’67

Honor…Achievement…Service to Mankind