Nedgyn Laloi is the Stella and Emmanuel Mavridis Scholarship Recipient for 2020.

EHSA President Mike Thomas presents Mavridis Scholarship to Negyn Laloi, EHS Class of 2020

The English High School Association is proud to announce that Nedgyn Laloi, English High School class of 2020, is the 2020 recipient of the Stella and Emmanuel Mavridis Scholarship endowed by Mr. George Mavridis who has given over $160000 to the English High School Tutoring Center, now called Alumni and Friends Tutoring Center. Ms. Laloi has received $4,000 toward her tuition and expenses at the University of Massachusettes, Boston Campus.

EHSA asked Ms. Laloi to tell us about her personal story and her future plans:

I came to the United States from Haiti in April, 2016 with my mother and younger sister. Boston was our first stop and I love it here. I focused on math and biology at English High.

My childhood was good compared to some for my friends at school because some of them did not have anyone to care for them and were living with family members. My strong single mother worked hard with her small business in her little stand. To get me and my little sister food and the best second-hand clothes, and the best-looking uniforms that she made herself out of fabric she bought. I’m grateful that I got my strength and hard working from her because she’s my inspiration to keep going and to get the best grades and be the best at whatever I end up doing.

As I was growing up, I started taking care of my little sister as a mother would. I had told myself that I had to grow and act older so I could protect my sister against anyone or anything that would want to hurt her, and also make food. My mother would open her little stand around 7 am since that’s when most people have money because it’s the start of the day. I would stay home with my little sister and make us eggs and bring some in a bowl for our mother and sometimes I would put in too much baking soda. In my country of Haiti, we put baking soda to puff it up and make it more than it is which often would be just one or two eggs for the three of us. If I put in too much it would taste bitter. When I received money from my aunties living in the US, I’d save it to buy my sister toys — which usually ended up breaking sadly — but she was always happy to receive them so it made me happy.

Coming to the US was one of the best things that have ever happened to me and my family and really grateful for it. Especially for the amazing tutoring program at English High School and the amazing support system where they helped me when I struggled with my essays and other homework. At Ms. Sage’s office, which is sponsored by Mr. George Mavridis, an amazing person to be able to provide that for us. The program has helped my writing and reading so much which without it I wouldn’t have been able to come so far. I’m currently attending UMass Boston to become a Physician Assistant. Which will hopefully happen within seven years or less. But wherever I end up I want to love and be one of the best at it.

I am currently living with my mother and my sister who is currently a junior at English High School.



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