August 2021

EHSA President’s Message: Countdown to Our 200th Anniversary Virtual Celebration

Mike filming a 200th Anniversary message at historic Harvard Stadium

It won’t be long now before you’ll be watching English High’s 200th Anniversary Virtual Event. What is a Virtual event some might ask? Ours will be a fantastic program celebrating English High School that you’ll watch it on your computer or tablet. Some may even watch on their cell phones. And after the program you can join in on Zoom “reunions” with classmates.

Due to COVID, in business and in our private lives we get on a computer to Zoom and view our loved ones or colleagues. This recent Zooming innovative ‘conferencing’ technology has catapulted us into each other’s living rooms when we otherwise would not be able to see our friends and relatives.

Well, imagine seeing your classmates online and being able to talk to them via your computer. This is exactly what we’ve done with recent class networking zooms..classes of 1959 and 1964 have both zoomed successfully to much delight. These are even recorded on our website for your enjoyment. And on October 2nd you will be able to do that same thing after the 200th Anniversary show when you can visit with classmates in separate Zoom rooms.

On October 2nd at 7:30 pm ET, we will showcase an entertaining 200th Anniversary of English High School program. We will share inside info about our school, its students and many alumni accomplishments. There will be ‘break out rooms’ at end of show, so you can sit and talk to classmates you may not have seen in years.

There will also be an opportunity make a gift to support our school’s scholarships, enrichment courses, Music and Arts and sports teams.

Good news on the fundraising Annual Appeal front. I’m grateful to the many ‘first-time donations’ from alumni who you have stepped up big time to give $200 representing our 200th Birthday! We’re all proud to be 200!

One first-time donor, a 1949 alumnus, gave a very generous check. To thank him, I visited him at his home, bringing him an English High cap, commemorative 1821 lapel pin and an EHSA pen. We connected for an hour or so. On my way out, he made sure I left with another check!

It’s not too late to support our 200th. The EHSA website has info about how to attend the October 2nd event at 7:00 pm Eastern. I hope you can make it.

Remember it’s the night before the Tom Brady vs. NE Patriots game at Foxborough!

Thanks, for reading..Onward!

Mike Thomas’67


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