Alumni Profile

Gladys Durham, EHS ’94: She Dared to Dream. Now She’s Paving the Way for Others

Gladys Durham, EHS ‘94, proudly represents EHS through her many accomplishments academically, financially, for the community, and with her family.

One of EHS’s most profound achievements during its first 200 years has been teaching students how to navigate a changing world.

Gladys has learned her lessons well. Like many EHS students and alumni, she immigrated to the U.S. as a child. They came from the island of St. Vincent, West Indies, and faced many of the same obstacles immigrants deal with as they assimilate.

Gladys had a strong sense of self and values she relied on as she earned her B. A. in Business Management while working full time and raising six children – three of her own and three she took in when she married her former husband.

She worked and saved, eventually buying property and investing in two storefronts in Boston. Essential Herb N’ Juice in Codman Square (Dorchester), and Essential Body Herbs in Mattapan. She also founded a financial planning company, Financial Success with Gladys, designed to empower members of her community to become financially literate and successful.

When Gladys reminisces about her EHS years, she recalls one favorite teacher, Ms. Wayshack. She wrote, “I loved her friendly smile when she greeted us at the door. She was open to different learning styles, making coming to school easy.”

Even after 25 years, Gladys has maintained strong friendships with many fellow graduates. She attended the EHS Building Businesses webinar sponsored by the EHS Alumni Board. The program is designed to link business mentors with up-and-coming entrepreneurs with the goal of improving their businesses. She generously supports the EHS Scholarship Fund, and collaborates with Board members to create a business that provides the elderly and disabled members of her community with quality health care.

Gladys Durham is a caring, thoughtful, generous, business savvy, and incredibly hard-working person who represents the EHS community. We celebrate another of our ‘Everyday Heroes’ and her many accomplishments.