September 2021

EHSA President’s Message: English High School’s 200th Anniversary Virtual Event less than a week away

Karen Holmes Ward, Director of Public Affairs and Community Services at WCVB-TV Boston; Michael Thomas, President of The English High School Association; and Liz Page, Liz Page & Associates at Faneuil Hall during filming of the EHS 200th Anniversary Celebration Program

Some of us cannot live without sports analogies in life. We just think that way. As we look at English High School’s 200th Anniversary Virtual Event less than a week away, we want to thank all of those who touched this Virtual show, we’re almost there. One alum I had coffee with said, Mike, you’re on the ten-yard line, with less than two minutes to go in the game”. Though not quite as intense as a tightly-contested football game in the important red zone but critical timing, nonetheless. Now we need to execute OR you do.

First thing, is to sign up and register for this 200th Virtual event. It’s easy:, log in, it’s FREE but you must register in order to attend. As of this writing we have over 400 registrations, come join us!

Second thing, is to tell family and friends about it. All are welcome to watch and chances are you will learn something new about the cradle of public education in America. From the early history of the English Classical School’s (its original name) first 101 students in 1821, to recent Heads of School to accomplished students and athletes. We’ll take a trip from Faneuil Hall to English High School to Harvard Stadium, all in a forty-minute journey. From the old days to today’s world of social media and nano bites of attention spans.

Third thing, is to have fun listening to a dedicated teaching staff and leadership, Alumni Association players and contributors and many videos of support from those in government in Boston, our State and U.S level. Our hope is for Dr. Jill Biden to join in our celebration of public education for English and all schools across the country.

Finally, on the fundraising side of things, the Association’s challenge is to earn your respect and trust while knowing we are here to stay! Reinforcing this point, October 2nd @700PM is a more of a ‘kick off’ for raising funds for English’s scholarships, enrichment programs, Music/Arts/Dancing, Pathways Career study, Tutoring Center and athletics. Our goal is to complete our $1MM challenge by year’s end. With your help, we can do it!

I hope we can earn your support and get there and um…er.. yes, cross this goal line with time to spare!

Thanks, for your help, Onward!

Mike Thomas’67

Honor…Achievement…Service to Mankind