October 2021

EHSA President’s Message: Keep the Momentum Going


I want to thank the many hands who created our wonderful 200th Virtual Anniversary show. It was truly a team/group effort, led by the EHSA and our event planning firm Liz Page Associates. Another integral partner, Intercultural Productions, researched and produced the spectacular videos we all enjoyed on October 2nd and which are still available for viewing on our website. They did an amazing job with patience and professionalism. It’s easy to look good when surrounded by pros.


My second big ‘thank you’ goes out to all English alumni, coast to coast who supported this event with their presence and donations.

We reached an audience of nearly 300 that evening. Most stayed after the video to take part in the reunion breakout rooms which were a big hit. One room had more than 75 alumni! Your generosity for the event was heartwarming and gifts are still coming in. Many alums who had never given before, wrote checks for $200 in honor of our anniversary…an amazing 35% of all donors!

Your ongoing support for our mission is critical. Here’s a taste of what you Alumni have helped EHSA accomplish recently:

  1. Ongoing support for the EHS Alumni and Friends Tutoring Center (AFTC) AFTC helps English High students with one-on-one tutoring in all subjects and ESL. There is a special focus on help with college entry essays and applications — 79% of AFTC graduates go on to college. EHSA contributed over $46,000 to AFTC in 2021. Alumni fund the director’s salary which makes it possible as well as equipment and supplies. In addition, EHS Alumni volunteer as tutors!

  2. College Scholarships for English High Graduates All of our seniors need loans and scholarships to survive their first years of college — 70% live below the poverty line. We make an annual contribution to the school scholarship fund to support these students and we are looking to increase that amount in the future to meet the growing need.

  3. EHS Music and Arts Program English High has one of the most robust Music and Arts program in the city with the only Drumline and Marching Band in Boston Public Schools. Last year businessman Ernie Boch, Jr.,grandson of EHS alumni Andrew Boch, gave $100,000 to BPS music programs.

  4. Sports Programming Recently, EHSA has provided the English High Football Program with 22 new helmets and NFL-ready on-field coaches headsets. We also cover the salary for two assistant coaches. This totals $18,000 in recent support for the English Eagles. In addition, EHSA served as holding agent/intermediary for the $50,000 Kraft Foundation Football Equipment Grant that outfitted the team for recent seasons. This grant was made in honor of EHS alumni Harry Kraft, the father of Patriots’ coach Bob Kraft.

  5. Pathways Programs Visiting Lecture Series Many EHSA alumni have stepped up to speak with English students as part of the Pathways Program which is also supported by EHSA. Most recently, Retired Norfolk County Superior Court Judge, Thomas Connors ’68, addressed the student body.

  6. Business Mentoring/Class Networking Zoom Series EHS alumni are active in helping young English alumni entrepreneurs with advice and networking to get start-ups off the ground.

No non-exam high school can compare to the support of English Alumni. This make us all proud to be 200 years old! Our students need our continued financial support and we hope you will continue your largess. Over the course of three short months, we have reached 1/5th of our $1MM goal for 2021. Not a bad start. Let’s continue the Mojo!

We have just two more holiday-laden months to accomplish our 2021 fundraising goal. A tall challenge. English alumni have never shied away from a good challenge but instead have repeatedly overcome them with grit and determination and we can do that again. Remember the undefeated 1966 English vs. Latin football game, down to Latin 12-0 after 8 minutes? We came roaring back to win 20-18!

Our collective fundraising reward will be meeting and greeting each other again for our live 200th Anniversary event in the Fall of 2022. Plans are underway for an October or November gala of celebration, entertainment and good ole story telling from some of our 200 year history.

Finally, there are many ways for English alumni to give their support for EHSA and English High. Volunteer your time for tutoring, make referrals to corporations and firms who support public education, gifts of financial donations, get involved in Alumni affairs. Many this year are considering designating part of their IRA Required Minimum Distributions as a possible source of a gift to EHSA. Since RMDs were not required last year, maybe you can take advantage of it this year with The English High Association’s 501©3 tax-except status and our needs in mind.

Onward! We are all ‘Proud to be 200!’

Thanks, for your help, Onward!

Mike Thomas’67


Honor…Achievement…Service to Mankind