November 2021

EHSA President’s Message: Don’t Sit Around…It’s Not Good for Your Health. Do Something!


Many of us are very busy at this time of year but many others sit around waiting for the day’s mail, for Aunt Henrietta to call, or for a friend to stop by. Most English alums I know are always doing ‘something.’ Recently I told a colleague how my mother used to say,” Michael, go outside and play!” So much for iPhones and Fortnite video games. At least I was out ‘doing something.’

Today’s environment and playing outside means you’re involved in athletics somewhere, in a school play or on a local travel team. But whatever your druthers…do something.

This month’s message is exactly that…do something. We’ve been cooped up long enough, so get out and interact with your alumni friends or neighbors– but safely (masks when indoors and/or vaxxed overall).

“What can I do?” you ask. You can give of your time and largesse. We thank all who have given to our 200th Anniversary Fund. Many have given multiple times this year. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! But to loosely quote from JFK, “I ask not what English Alumni have done for you, but what have you done for English Alumni lately?” Here are some suggestions:

  • Volunteer — Get involved and support our 200th Anniversary by calling on classmates. We’ll give you talking points.
  • Go cheer for the Blue and Blue at the 133rd Thanksgiving Day classic, English vs. Latin at Harvard Stadium, the oldest continuous high school football rivalries in the U.S.
  • Visit the new Alumni website (, watch the 200th virtual video and donate.
  • Visit someone on your street who might need company, good conversation, and a friendly smile!

If that doesn’t get you excited, maybe you’d like tutoring at English’s Alumni & Friends Tutoring Center. We’re looking for tutors in most subjects. Contact the Alumni office at 857-547-1391 soon as we’re already making plans for 2022.

Speaking of 2022, here is what we are looking forward to next year:

  1. Spectacular in-person 200th Anniversary Event in Boston. Expected attendance of 700+:
  2. Dr. Jill Biden, Keynote speaker
  3. Who’s Who in Boston schools
  4. Classmates from all over the USA
  5. Networking class Zooms, very popular
  6. Continued Athletic success programs, including a revitalized track program
  7. Alumni Breakfast speakers and reunions
  8. Broader and generous philanthropy from all classes

Boston Public Schools does not provide English High with funding and programming support that our students need to get to college. It is up to Alumni to fill this funding gap to compete with other high schools.

Your Alma Mater needs you today! I hope you are up to the test of time like English High has been – Always there to make us Proud to be 200!! The simplest way to make your gift today is on our website: The English High Alumni Association is a registered 501 C (3) charity and donations are deductible within IRS guidelines.

On behalf of the EHS students who are ‘Daring to Dream,’ a grateful thank you for your generous donation.

Onward! We are all ‘Proud to be 200!’

Thanks, for your help, Onward!

Mike Thomas’67

Honor…Achievement…Service to Mankind