EHS Alumni Frank Bellotti ’42 and Salvatore Giarratani ’66 Honored as “The Best in Thoughts and Action”

Recently, the Pirandello Lyceum, a premiere Italian-American cultural association in Massachusetts, recognized two distinguished English High Alumni as 2021 recipients of the Pirandello Lyceum’s  I Migliori in Mens et Gesta Award.

I Migliori in Mens et Gesta, is from the Latin meaning, “The Best in Thought and Actions.” The Pirandello Lyceum honors Americans of Italian ancestry who have excelled in their chosen fields and have made a significant contribution to society. Boston Magazine has called the I Migliori award the single most prestigious honor to be received by men and women of Italian descent. Nominees may serve in any area of business, education, the arts and sciences or public service. They should be men and women of the highest character whose contributions to society have been clearly demonstrated. At least one parent, grandparent or ancestor of the nominee must have been born in Italy.

Among those receiving this prestigious honor in 2021 are two well-known English High alumni, Francis X. Bellotti ’42 and Salvatore Giarratani ’66


Francis X. Bellotti, EHS ’42

Francis X. Bellotti, EHS ’42 was honored in the category of Law and Government
Bellotti is the former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts and former Attorney General of Massachusetts. Bellotti was born in Boston. After English High School he graduated from Tufts University in 1947 and received his law degree from Boston College in 1952. He served in the United States Navy during World War II reaching the rank of Lieutenant (junior grade). He is the father of twelve children, including Norfolk County Sheriff Michael G. Bellotti

Salvatore Giarratani, EHS ’66

Sal J.Giarratani, EHS ’66 was honored in the category of Journalism
Giarratani began his writing career while an English High student when he helped edit a monthly parish newsletter. Eventually, he began a long career as a newspaper writer which is still ongoing. He reported for numerous Boston neighborhood newspapers starting in 1975 as well as newspapers outside the City of Boston and Massachusetts.  He is still and active reporter and commentator in the Boston area.