Gregory D. Hayes
Class of ’67

Greg has held various positions with companies in a Human Resources capacity and as a founder of several small businesses.  Projects included contracts with: The Department of Defense (Defense Finance & Accounting Services), Mass DOT (Snow & Ice Removal Systems utilizing early GPS/AVL/GIS technologies), MBTA (LED Display Technologies and Operations Command & Control Center Design) , and the Department of Homeland Security (Mass. Interoperability Communications for First Responders and First Receivers).

These business and community experiences, combined with his earlier counseling positions in Human Relations, has molded him into a detailed yet compassion individual.  Possessing excellent interpersonal communication skills, he has a reputation of always coming through on both business and personal commitments.

He is a single father of three boys ages 32, 31 and 26, of which is middle son, Eric, is a veteran of the MA State Police Force.  Greg is committed to the youth of America and supporting initiatives to improve their success in life.