Henry A. Russell
Class of ’61


Mr. Russell Is Mott MacDonald’s Program Manager for the rehabilitation of tunnels.  Since 2001 he has been the chairman of the International Tunneling Association’s Working Group 6 Repair and Maintenance of Tunnels, he is a member of the MOLES, Chairman of AUCA/SME Committee on Tunnel Rehabilitation and has over 50 years of experience in the inspection, and rehabilitation or underground structures, including over of 70 tunnels in the U.S. and overseas.

Mr. Russell has had numerous projects that have won national awards for excellence including; The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Outstanding Transportation Project in 1993 and 2005, and the American Shotcrete Association’s underground project of the year in 2005, 2007. Mr. Russell has authored over 40 professional papers on the design and rehabilitation of underground structures, including the rehabilitation chapters, of the Tunnel Engineering Handbook, 1998, FHWA-AASHTO T-20 Training Manual. 2009, and FHWA’s Technical Manual for Design and Construction of Road tunnels –Civil Elements 2010.

Mr. Russell is a Vice President and Principal Tunnel Engineer at Mott MacDonald and is National Program Leader for the rehabilitation of underground structures.

Henry is a 1961 graduate of English High School and a member of the Board of Director since 2011.