Carmen Cohen
Class of ’94


My name is Carmen Cohen. I am an immigrant woman born in Caracas, Venezuela. I graduated English High School class of 1994. I attended EHS all four years of high school. During that time I played volleyball and basketball, and participated in student government. My experience inspired me to become an educator. I earned a double major bachelors degree in English and Education. By day I am an Assistant Administrator at the Dr. King School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My practice of compassionate leadership is heavily influenced by my experiences as a BPS student. In addition, EHS has given me life long friendships. Some of my friends and I put together a monetary award that we rewarded applied graduating seniors from EHS for the past 4 years. In addition, as a class, we consistently attend and support reunion events.

By night, I am a director of local plays focused on women’s issues to raise funds for New Beginnings Re-Entry Services, an organization that provides therapeutic services and job training skills to women recently released from prison. I also sit on their board. In addition, I earned a master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy which draws me to the arts and therapeutic interventions. My intention is to explore the therapeutic arts more as a profession in the future. I also host Black Author tribute nights at the Haley House Cafe and Bakery of Roxbury, an organization with the mission of supporting people involved in the justice system. For fun, I run 5K races to raise funds for local organizations such as Dimmock Health Center and Boston Public Schools.

My most important accomplishment is that I am the proud mother of two brilliant college aged students who make me oh so happy! My husband of over 20 years is a successful owner of a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Brighton, MA. called Rhythm N’ Wraps. Not bad for a girl who didn’t think much of herself growing up.